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Outreach Events/Scheduling

TPBE is the go-to resource for all things related to professional engineering.  We take pride in providing timely and relevant information to all stakeholder groups and consumers of professional engineering services, including members of the public, cities, counties, schools and school districts, state and local agencies, and the private sector such as hospitals and large and small businesses. 

We give outreach presentations all over the state to Professional Engineers, associations, societies, and engineering companies, on topics such as Engineering Ethics, Professional Licensure, and the PE application process.  We also provide free webinars throughout the year.  In fact, in fiscal year 2016, we conducted 138 presentations to over 19,554 attendees.

The free webinars have been so well received that we are now offering the events at several times on the same day. Each event is limited to 2,000 attendees. Registration for the will be posted one month in advance of each event. Refer to our webinar page for further information.

Presentations Available:
Ethics:  This presentation is a general update for the practice of engineering in the state of Texas as well as a refresher of ethics related topics. It includes information on recent Board actions, recent or pending rule and legislative changes and any other issues that may affect the profession. Attendance of this presentation (in person or through webinar) meets the annual continuing education requirement for ethics-related training.

Licensing:  This presentation covers the license application process. It provides useful information about requirements and gives resources for future applicants. It also addresses any rule and legislative changes that may affect applicants.

Student/Potential Applicants: This presentation covers the benefits of licensure, general information about the Board, applicable Texas Law and Rules, information about the Fundamentals of Engineering exam and licensing requirements.

Presentations are typically 1 hour long (includes Q&A), and The Board provides this service, as available, at no charge. The Board does not issue attendance certificates. Proof of attendance should be provided by the event organizer and may include a certificate, a sign-in sheet or registration confirmation (in the case of webinars).

The Board may provide an outreach via webinar (aside from the quarterly scheduled webinars).

Outreach Request Process:
Please submit your request at least three (3) weeks prior to the proposed date of the event.  If there are 25 or fewer participants, your request will be coordinated with another request within your area.  If the request day falls on a holiday or Board/Committee days, the Outreach Coordinator will let you let you know and coordinate the request date with your second choice.

Please provide  the company/society name,  type of presentation you would like, at least three dates that will work with your schedule, a one hour time frame, and the physical address where the presentation will be held.  If there are any parking requirements, please share that information too.

Once the Outreach Coordinator receives your request, she will coordinate with the available presenters.  Once the Outreach Coordinator has confirmed a presenter, she will send you a confirmation email with their name and contact information.

Equipment Required:
The presenter will need a projector and screen; and sometimes a laptop made available to them.  The Outreach Coordinator will let you know in the confirmation email what equipment the presenter will need.

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Support and Feedback

If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to email our Outreach Coordinator at: outreach@engineers.texas.gov

Please provide feedback regarding these outreach events and how we can make them better. Provide feedback using this survey: http://engineers.texas.gov/outreachsurvey.



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